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School Messenger

School Messenger: Automated Communication System

What is School Messenger?

It is an automated communication system that will inform you of the following:
  • Important messages or events within the school 
  • Important messages or events within the school division 
  • Electronic newsletters and school calendars
  • Bus cancellations
  • Emergency situations
  • Grade or classroom specific messages
When can I expect to be notified?
A notification email or text message (optional) will go out towards the end of each school month with an attached monthly newsletter and school calendar. Otherwise, reminder messages or emergent messages are sent when needed. Messages are generally scheduled after the school day is over and through to the evening. An emergency notification could come at any time.

Please read to the message.

If there is an emergency situation Dr. Isman School will use School Messenger as the primary way of communicating with families and caregivers, so please do not ignore a message in case it is an emergency situation.

Text Messaging Option and Email 

School Messenger imports parent/caregiver emails and or mobile phone numbers that have been provided to the school. Please remember to inform the school of any changes to these, and also notify the school if it seems that you haven't been receiving emails and/or texts. +++Please note that text messages require you to "opt in". To "opt in" text Y or the word Yes to 978338. Text charges may apply and if you decide to "opt out" you would just text the same number and put Stop in the message body.